Our Business

Property and Business Services

Combining opportunities for growth and diversification, Omtis’ involvement in Real Estate has been successfully expanded since the early 1980s, with properties covering a large spectrum of short and long term investments, syndicated development as well as leasing of commercial and residential property, with locations as diverse as Hong Kong, Australia, Vietnam, Switzerland, United Kingdom and the United States. The group was one of the first to establish a Business Centre in the heart of Hong Kong in 1983. 


Financial Investments

Omtis has equity participations across a diverse range of companies and industries including private minority stakes in companies and public investments around the world. 


Fine Wine

Omtis Fine Wines with three decades of experience has a reputed track record in the distribution of wine. It has become Asia’s premier source of fine wine distinguished by an extensive range of services for sophisticated wine drinkers, collectors and investors. As one of Hong Kong’s first wine distribution companies and an active participant in the lobby against wine duty in mid-2000s, Omtis Fine Wines has become widely regarded as leading pioneers in the Asian wine industry, now one of the largest consuming markets in the world.